Woman’s Savage Viral Obituary Is Blowing Twitter’s Mind

The inevitability of death is something that all humans share – regardless of politics or religion. Another would be the fact that most of us want to be remembered positively. Obituaries are one way in which those who have passed can be semi-immortalized, and are generally reserved to vague pleasantries and celebrations. Every now and then, however, there is an exception. The shockingly shade-filled obituary of Kathleen Dehmlow falls into this category. 

Twitter user @RandBallsStu was first to notice the scathing, five-paragraph obituary. The obit starts off innocently enough, detailing her birth, marriage, and the birth of her first two children. That’s when things get weird. Apparently, Dehmlow became pregnant by her brother-in-law and moved to Califonia – leaving her children Jay and Gina to be raised by her parents. The account becomes more bitter from there, leaving us to assume that Jay and Gina might have had something to do with the publication. 

@RandBallsStu‘s tweet quickly went viral, with other Twitter users expressing their shock – and glee – at the hate-filled death notice. 

Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

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