Tech TYRANNY! Google strikes AGAIN to protect AOC and her ridiculous Green New Deal and it’s kinda sorta TERRIFYING

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A few weeks ago, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a ‘pompous twit’ over her silly Green New Deal and her tweets and comments about climate change. Like most sane people, Moore understood telling millions of Americans they couldn’t fly or eat beef anymore wouldn’t fly.

But once Moore came out against AOC, Greenpeace tried to claim he wasn’t a co-founder and now it seems Google has deliberately removed him as such.


Look at this.

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Tell us more about how unbiased Google is.

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This is shameful.

And freaking terrifying.

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Imagine having the power to simply make someone and their history totally disappear?



Damn, that’s a creepy way to say that.

But true.

1984 was SUPPOSED to be a work of fiction, Google. FICTION.


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