Anna Wintour Reveals Her Thoughts On Meghan Markle’s Wedding Gown

Behind those sunglasses, Anna Wintour has a soft spot for the Duchess of Sussex. 

The longtime Vogue editor-in-chief revealed just how she feels about the former “Suits” actress ― and her gorgeous Givenchy wedding dress ― in a new video series called “Go Ask Anna,” where strangers ask Wintour random questions of their choosing.  

Wintour described the duchess’ choice of wedding gown and designer as “brilliant” in the video clip. 

“The royal wedding had the whole world watching,” Wintour said. “And I think that her [gown] choice was brilliant. It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown-up. It was an English designer, albeit one that was working in a French house.” 

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A full shot of the gorgeous Givenchy wedding gown worn by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Wintour thought that Meghan Markle’s choice of designer Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy also sent a message to the world, declaring “Yes, I’m from somewhere else, but I belong. I thought she looked fantastic.” 

She also said she loved the duchess’ decision to walk down the aisle by herself (though Markle actually stepped out of the car and walked up the church stairs by herself, where she was escorted down the aisle by Prince Charles). 

Meghan Markle walks down the aisle with Prince Charles for her wedding ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in Windsor on May 19.

Wintour even took it upon herself to defend the Duchess of Sussex’s reported morning routine, which includes waking up early and ― gasp! ― sending out text messages. 

“I read somewhere that there were members of the royal household that were confused and upset that she woke up so early, at 5:00 a.m.,” Wintour said in the video clip. 

“She’s a normal Californian girl who gets up early and does yoga and meditates. She also sent a lot of text messages,” she said. “I mean, what did they expect? That she was going to send messages via pigeon? I think she’s amazing.” 

That she is. 

Perhaps we’ll see Wintour and the Duchess of Sussex front row together someday, as the editor-in-chief recently took in a fashion show with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for London Fashion Week last February. 

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(Yui Mok/Pool photo via AP)
Queen Elizabeth sits next to Anna Wintour as they view Richard Quinn’s runway show on Feb. 20, 2018.

One can dream! 

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