26 Gamer Girls Reveal The Most Vile, Disgusting Comments Theyve Gotten, Just For Being A Woman

Unfortunately, men and women aren’t always treated equal. The reason some girls refuse to play online games is because of hurtful comments like these, revealed on Ask Reddit. WARNING: Some of these things may be hard to read.

1. Stupid slut is letting her boyfriend play while she talks on the mic.

2. You sound beautiful I wonder what you’d sound like in my bed.

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3. You are an oversensitive !@#$% who thinks too highly of herself.

4. Hey , (gamer tag), what time do those legs open?

5. What do your toes taste like?

6. I don’t get why girls play games. Everyone knows females are fucking shit at spacial intelligence.

7. I can boost you from silver to diamond if you show me your tits and let me share it on snapchat.

8. Go back to the fucking kitchen.

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9. I will have my dog rape you in the ass and make you suck the shit off of his dick.

10. Man, you’re the hottest damn thing.

11. Can I have a jar of your pee?

12. Are you a boy or a girl?

13. Women aren’t funny.

14. I’m going to rape you, get you pregnant, then punch you so hard you miscarry.

15. Do you want to be pregnant?

16. My mom is so fucking hot, I want to fuck her, can I practice it on you?

17. Are you into black big juicy cocks?

18. What’s having periods like?

19. Everyone tell this bitch she’s a slut.

20. I hope you die irl.

21. Whore.

22. You’re probably fat/ugly.

23. Come make me a sandwich.

24. Yo what’s your Facebook I want to fuck you.

25. Oh my god is that a vagina????



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